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ANPson and Shark brand healthcare products / "爱博斯" 与 ‘鲨鱼’品牌

Mar 31, 2021


Shark is a well-known OTC brand of healthcare products locally produced by our company in Singapore. We have more than 90 varieties of products, in the form of capsules, granules,powder and tea bags. Our health care products are specially formulated by all kinds of herbs extracts. 

ANPson is our brand that is sold in TCM clinics and medical halls. We cooperate with various healthcare professionals to understand the current trend of the healthcare market to producehealthcare products that best suit the needs of patients. 

Asia Natural Products Pte Ltd has invested over one million dollars to set up a production plant with an air-purification system of Cleanliness Class D. We have also introduced modernized production technology and equipment to carry out various aspects of the production process – from raw material extraction, production, packaging, warehouse management to quality inspection – in strict compliance with GMP standards. 

We attach great importance to the quality and efficacy of our products. Before affixing the Shark and ANPson label on the products, we make sure that they undergo rigorous validation from the screening of prescription, accreditation of herbal raw materials in terms of variety and quality, optimization of the extraction process, establishment of the production process, to the testing procedures for semi-finished and finished products. Our efforts to adopt a scientific appraisal method, standardization production technology and stringent quality control procedures have enabled our ANPson brand products to be regarded as high quality, effective, credible and trustworthy.

Our operations are not only confined to the Singapore market; we are also actively exploring overseas markets to sell our locally produced Shark brand healthcare products to China, Malaysia, Vietnam,Hongkong as well as other international markets. 


"爱博斯"是公司在新加坡本地所生产保健品的著名品牌,共有90多个品种,分别为胶囊剂、粉剂和茶剂."ANPson"品牌的建立需要以产品的优良品质和显著确实的疗效为基础,根 GMP规范的要求,投资100多万建立D级空气净化系统的生产厂房,并引进现代化生产工艺和设备,从原料、生产、包装、仓库保管和品质检验等各个环节严格按照"GMP"标准管理。

我们对注重产品的质量和功效每种产品的提取有效成份都经过严格的品质鉴定,根据产品的特点建立独特的提取工艺和生产工艺,并本地政府认可的实验室和本公司实验室进行半品和成品的品质检验, 经过严格的产品监测, 最后提供市场"ANPson"Shark”品牌。目前 "Shark“” ANPson"产品已经销往马来西亚,中国, 香港, 澳门, 越南等多个国家和地区。